I often find myself wondering what Mr. Cavert might think. Would the first recorded owner of this property, this barn, give his blessing to what we’re doing here? A restaurant right in the middle of his farm. It’s an idea I don’t imagine he ever considered. Bluegrass concerts in his hayloft…really?! Yet here we are 41 years into this chapter of this barn’s life and today is another new day. Blog entry #1 on a brand new website. I should have something more important to say I suppose, but to me the history, the lineage, the timeline has always been the story here. So, here we go. After months of emails, meetings, drafts and edits Amanda, Richard and Cheryl from Shannon Rose Design in Saratoga Springs tossed us the keys to this vehicle, kicked the tires and sent us off in a new direction. I hope you enjoy some of the stories within, the photos we’ve pulled from the archives (with a lot of help from Don Staber and Saratoga County Historian Lauren Roberts) and the gorgeous new images provided by our photographer friend, Laura Hughes. Take a look around, enjoy the view and let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping in!