The only bull is on our plates.

No pretense.

Just inviting food based on classic preparations featuring locally sourced meats ‘n produce.

“There are moments of joy that can’t be store bought, like those rare occasions when the sap starts running on the same day we’ve got pork on the smoker, so we get to baste the pig with maple straight from the tree. It’s like shucking oysters – it’s shell after shell after shell ‘n then all of a sudden, there it is – another little pearl in our string of memories.

It’s part of the fabric of who we are to share those good times at the table and stove with our friends ‘n patrons. Just as important is our commitment to working with the freshest, finest ingredients. Sometimes that means growing it ourselves. Sometimes it means calling upon our neighbor farmers for produce ‘n livestock. It’s the way we’ve been doing it for more than 40 years.

I recently heard a well-respected restaurateur speak about the growth and expansion of his operation. He said he’d never been more satisfied as when he operated a single restaurant. He missed the intimacy, the daily involvement in his kitchen, the thrill of seeing people gather in his place. I get it. I’m grateful every day for what we have here – the people I get to work with, the suppliers I deal with and the farmers who have extended their trust. Together, we touch people’s lives. I seriously appreciate that opportunity.
Rick Sleeper, Owner

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