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Our History

Erected in the 1850's, the building in which you're seated was born as a barn on the Simboli family farm. The structure was designed and used for dairy. Looking around the dining areas, you can still see that the two porch areas were originally stables and hay was stored in the lofted areas of the dining room. The house on the corner of Parkis Mills Road and Sacandaga Road was originally part of this property and was the Simboli family farmhouse. There are two beautiful pieces of artwork in the dining room showing what this barn looked like in 1975. Both pieces were painted by artists resident to the Village of Galway and give you a pretty good idea of the condition of this structure at that time.

Don Staber, the original Cock 'n Bull owner, recently told me that the plan started out as a renovation of the farmhouse to become home to this restaurant. Early in the process, over a lunch break, the idea of turning the barn into a restaurant was born. That vision, I believe, was the single greatest idea anyone involved with this place has ever had. Weddings, funeral receptions, showers, birthday parties and holiday dinners over the years have enjoyed the warmth and character of this authentic piece of Americana. Dinner in a barn…of course!

Open in May of 1976, the Cock 'n Bull has been open all year round ever since. Take your time and look around the room. Each tool, picture, beam and fixture came from either this farm property or another in the area. Each has its own unique story, every tool a function. Don't be afraid to ask questions. If we don't have the right answer, we'll make up a good story!

The Cock 'n Bull

An 1850's historic post 'n beam barn is home to the Cock 'n Bull Restaurant. With our impressive collection of antique tools, multiple fireplaces, and flower, herb and vegetable gardens, the atmosphere here is second to none.

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