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Our food stands on its own, but sometimes you want a little something something to go along.

Selected Beer, Wine, Cocktails
By the Glass at The Cock ‘n Bull

Art in a glass

The Dirty Farmer
A spin on a classic dirty martini. 1857 Potato Vodka handcrafted by Barber’s Farm Distillery in the heart of the Schoharie Valley ‘n olives stuffed with Asiago cheese from Willow Marsh Farm in Ballston Spa.
Four Roses Bourbon, a splash of syrup tapped from The Cock ‘n Bull’s own maple trees, ‘n a whisper of Peychaud’s Bitters.
Go-Go Juice
A tip of the cap (or bottle) to New Orleans artist Jon Cleary’s winning of a Grammy. Jameson Whiskey, Steen’s Syrup, lemonade, cranberry ‘n a splash of soda.
John Daly
Like an Arnold Palmer with a kick. Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka ‘n lemonade.
Sangria del Dia
Always fresh, Always refreshing.
The Lakesider (a.k.a. Mark’s Coffee)
Steaming Colombian Joe splashed with Kahlua, Bailey’s ‘n Gran Marnier, topped with whipped cream ‘n cherry.

From Fabulous to Familiar

We are honored to stock our draft lines with craft beers and adventurous tastes from the best of our local brewers, such as Brown’s Brewing, Rogers Cideryard, Artisanal, Adirondack Brewery ‘n Wolf Hollow.

And for those of you who know what you like and like what you know, you’ll find plenty of the most popular brands on our bottle list.

Lift a Stem

Our wine list is an ever-changing adventure. Our strategy is to offer a range of selections from the affordable to the divine.

On the white side, expect to find light, easy-drinking PINOT GRIGIOS, a couple of CHARDONNAYS to showcase styles ranging from bright minerality to rich oakiness, refreshing, citrusy SAUVIGNON BLANCS, dry and semi-dry RIESLINGS. Plus, sip some effervescence with our splits of PROSECCO.

Seeing red? We’ll have fruity black CABERNET SAUVIGNONS, earthy, subtle PINOT NOIRS, structured and savory MERLOTS, supple and ripe MALBECS.


Cheers Gesondheid 干杯 Na zdravi Proost À votre santé! Prost Zum wohl ΥΓΕΙΑ здоровье Salute Cin cin 乾杯/ Kanpai 건배 į sveikatą Noroc Na zdrowie Saúde Будем здоровы Salud Skål Iechyd da Sei gesund Sláinte На 




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